SPEED UTV Sexy Beadlock Wheel Poll

Informal poll regarding wheel option for Robby Gordon's upcoming Speed UTV and UTT.

Is it the brand new flat faced Unicorn ????inspired TT style wheel or do you prefer the OG – The RG concave?

Vote for the SPEED UTV wheel you like best.

Make your pick as many times as you like. This is non scientific. Stay safe.

Don’t waste your vote on option no. 4.

Vote for Design

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8 thoughts on “SPEED UTV Sexy Beadlock Wheel Poll

  1. I’d like to see a 4 spoke option

  2. My deposit down on number 50 UTT unicorn! I should have the Bitchin TT Wheels.

    1. I second that! unit 162

  3. Will there be color options

  4. While I wills always like the original Robby wheel, I think speed can come up with a new fresh design that no one has seen and set a new standard. Everything about this car is above the rest, why not give us a new wheel design to match the rest of the car.

    1. I think spoke concave. But I’ll take any one just want the car. Lucky # 309 on the list .

  5. I agree with Joe Woolley. I currently have the RG Concave wheels on my prerunner, it’s Robby’s OG design. I would love to see this on my new Speed prerunner. Possibly turning 6 point into a 12 point spoke wheel…. creating Option 4: RG Concave Spoke Wheel.

  6. Love the look of the unicorn TT wheels they look so beefy and futuristic. I would love to have them on the el Jefe ! There is still a place in my heart for the og rg wheels they are iconic. The 10 spoke wheels look too much like a method rim that every unoriginal Polaris and can am bro add to their rig.

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