Chupacabra Offroad breaks down part one of SPEED UTV design presentation

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Am I getting starry eyed with this new Southwest whoop eater? It doesn’t make sense, just 3 months ago, I made a video saying that Speed wouldn’t be able to produce this SxS in 2020, and at the Sand Show I thought people were crazy for putting down deposits on this new car. Watch the Speed presentation here: But over the last few months, Robby Gordon and the team at Speed have been posting updates, and this isn’t just a cobbled together 4 seat XX. This UTV has a lot of refinements, structural enhancements, lots of horsepower, 77″ wide track width, and while the Speed team shared a lot of details, they will be doing another Facebook live session next week, to talk more about the motor and transmission. Here’s our thoughts on what we now know, and I have to be honest, I’m getting pretty excited. No matter what, buying a first year vehicle is a huge risk, but it might be worth it, as I think this SxS is packing a lot of punch for $32,000. #speedutv #offroad #glamis #robbygordon #2020 #2021

Nick Olson

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