Speed Tools UTV Case


The Speed Race Case.  The last tool you will ever need for your Speed UTV. Please note, this item comes upon delivery of UTV.

Product Description

More than a torque wrench and a CVT belt tool.  This is the complete tool kit to work on our Speed UTV.  Every wrench, socket, punch, allen, torque and more that you need to work on and maintain your new Speed UTV.


Flat Tip Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Ratcheting Screwdriver
Valve Core Remover
1/4” drive driver
LED Flashlight
Utility Knife
Wire Brush
Black Sharpie
Ball Point Pen
Tape Measure
Metric Allen Keys
Inspection Mirror
Telescoping Magnet
Straight – 90deg Scribe/Pick

Side Cutters
Flush Cuts
Chanel Lock Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Adjustable Jaw Pliers
Mini Needle Nose Vise Grip
Mini Vise Grip
1/4” Drive 2” Ext
1/4” Drive 6” Ext
3/8” Drive 3” Ext
3/8” Drive 6” Ext
5/8 Spark Plug Socket

11” Drift Alignment Punch
3/8 Drive Ratchet
3/8 12pt Metric Sockets 6mm-19mm Shallow
3/8 12pt Metric Sockets 6mm-19mm Deep
3/8 Hex Sockets 4mm-10mm
3/8 Torx T25-T60 (8 pcs)
1/4 Metric Sockets 4mm-14mm
3/8 Universal Joint Socket
1/4 Universal Joint Socket
1/2 – 3/8 Adapter
3/8 – 1/4 Adapter
Open Slot for Primary Clutch Tool (Updated 1/20/2022 Sold Separately as the box is designed for all UTV manufacturers)

Metric Wrenches 6mm-19mm
Metric Ratcheting Wrenches 8mm-19mm
30mm 1/2 Drive Socket
Hammer Steel/Rubber Tip
12” Pry Bar


We don’t just evangelize being an intelligent rider that knows their terrain, at SPEED UTV we take an engineering approach to your safety. From a collapsible steering column to every UTV we sell includes 5-point safety harnesses along with the beefiest chassis in the industry,

SPEED UTV has your safety in mind.


  1. Reinforced “spine” with “V-bars” connecting to suspension mounting points
  2. FIA A-pillar supports frame in front-end impacts and rollovers
  3. Mig welded – structurally safer for rollover crash testing – proven in NASCAR and other forms of racing
  4. Suspension
  5. Speed UTV’s proper tracking suspension system makes our UTV’s handling noticeably more predictable and less squirrely. Our 4130 Chromoly shocks with internal bypass soak up virtually everything.
  6. Double Shear suspension components reduce the chance of failure.
  7. When you think you’re in trouble you’re not.
  8. Interior
  9. 5 Point harnesses included
  10. Custom-size containment seats (carbon or plastic depending on you’re trim)
  11. Collapsable steering column.

Ride smart and know your terrain. Always wear a helmet.


Off-Road Hall of Fame inductee Robby Gordon shares the art of going fast in the dirt in a SPEED UTV design presentation series.

The SPEED UTV is designed by off-road racing veteran Robby Gordon to provide high performance and durability on any terrain. The full tube frame is triangulated and reinforced with upper and lower “spines”, making it structurally sound and resistant to damage.

Suspension and steering components are made with double-shear bolts and forged aluminum spindles, while the front bulkhead and diff are constructed from aluminum for added strength. The suspension geometry has been designed to minimize bump steer, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

The SPEED UTV also features billet aluminum hubs and a self-leveling rear suspension for improved handling. With these features, the SPEED UTV is well-equipped to handle the demands of off-road racing and provide a thrilling driving experience.

Speed UTV will deliver the best sport utility terrain vehicle.

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