Word Change. The configurator is now called the visualizer.

You may have noticed we’re changing the term configurator to visualizer. Not a big deal right?

Well if you’re an accounting system it is. The visualizer does not parse over the correct product information (accessories not included with the edition you are purchasing) to our invoices (for now).

The big takeaway for you is that while you may see a light bar, roof rack, buggy whip, front bumper, rear bumper on your side by side when you add to cart, the individual selections will not be itemized in your cart until you select them on the vehicle-specific accessories page before check out.

tl;dr Visualizer only configures specific model options (Base, LE, RG) that include only wheel, graphics option. All other accessories are just for visual purposes. To add anything beyond the standard package included with your car, you’ll need to add to your cart separately.

Confused? Don’t be we are here to help.

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