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Robby Gordon has been involved in driving,
designing, and building race cars and trucks for

His racing experiences have included
just about everything from off-road to Indy
car, NASCAR to Dakar, and lately with their huge rise in
popularity, UTVs. It should come as no surprise to anyone
that he is now launching a new UTV under his own
brand, SPEED UTV. However, this is not Gordon’s first UTV
project. That actually started almost 20 years ago.
“Around 2003 I took John Menard, who was on the
board of directors at Polaris, out for a ride in a Yamaha
Rhino.” said Gordon. “While we were talking, he asked me
if I thought I could design a UTV. I immediately answered,
‘in my sleep.’ I had built my first Trophy Truck back in
1989 and built the Riviera Trophy Truck in ‘92.” Gordon
also commented that he recently built a new SCORE
Trophy Truck that he will debut at the first event of the
2020 SCORE-International race season.

“That first UTV design that John and I talked about became
the Polaris RZR, which originally stood for
‘Robby-Z-Ride,’ not Razor,” he said.

11 thoughts on “Robby’s New Ride”

  1. Donald Lanham

    Is there somewhere we could look at one up close? 32g is alot to put out with not being able to check it out…

    Looks bad ass by videos. But so do some chicks, until you get closer… lol sorry

    1. Factory 6 Month Warranty. We will also have an aftermarket warranty. We are working with all major dealers and dealer groups to represent Speed UTV. We will be sharing our dealer network later this summer.

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