Robby’s New Ride

Robby Gordon has been involved in driving,
designing and building race cars and trucks for

His racing experiences have included just about everything from off-road to Indy car, NASCAR to Dakar, and later with their huge rise in popularity, UTVs. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he is now launching a new UTV under his brand, SPEED UTV. However, this is not Gordon’s first UTV project. That started almost 20 years ago.
“Around 2003, I took John Menard, who was on the board of directors at Polaris, out for a ride in a Yamaha Rhino,”hile we were talking, he asked me if I thought I could design a UTV. I immediately answered, ‘in my sleep.’ I had built my first Trophy Truck back in 1989 and built the Riviera Trophy Truck in ‘92.”

also commented that he recently built a new SCORE
Trophy Truck that he will debut at the first event of the
2020 SCORE-International race season.

“That first UTV design that John and I talked about became
the Polaris RZR, which originally stood for
‘Robby-Z-Ride,’ not Razor,” he said.

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