Robby Gordon takes about 45 minutes to explain why the UTV industry is about to change.

Robby Gordon’s Speed UTV Recorded Live Presentation

Posted by Speed UTV on Friday, March 27, 2020

The UTV Game has Changed.

On Friday, from his quarantined Speed UTV headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, racer and car builder Robby Gordon took to Facebook Live to share his latest project. A race-car disguised as a utv.

For more than 45 minutes Gordon showed he is more than just a world class driver. He unveiled what is sure to make the UTV universe take notice. For over thirty years Gordon has raced in the highest echelons on motorsports. Today he is implementing everything he’s learned as a driver but more importantly as a world class car builder.

Check out the presentation.

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11 thoughts on “Robby Gordon takes about 45 minutes to explain why the UTV industry is about to change.

  1. What is the Cubic In. Of the engine?


  2. Just an FYI on your shock spec page you spelled out Dural Rate Springs? Isn’t it supposed to say Dual rate Springs?

  3. Oh, and by the way the presentation was great. I use to build off road vehicles back in the 80″s and I think you have a real winner hear.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. 1 have a 2seater unit#162 on order. Do you know what the wheelbase will be ?

    1. WHEELBASE (IN/MM) 110

      1. Not the UTT 2 seater . I ordered the 2 seat UTV . If I remember right it was 96″ to be stretched 4″ for a bigger gas tank.

        1. So no stretching for the 2seat utv 96″ wheelbase it is. Super stoked on the build. Which model is being built 1st?

  5. I have deposited $1500 for a 4 seater. I am anticipating putting 15 inch sand tires.
    I currently own a wildcat 4x with trailer and will be selling my trailer this spring and purchasing another to fit the speed.
    1.) What should be the width of the trailer?

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