What’s everyone’s thoughts on this look? @speedsxs @speedutv in my opinion if I was at Polaris and Can Am I would now be scared ???? but then again there probably still in denial, looking forward to 2021 and let the games begin.



11 thoughts on “What’s everyone’s thoughts on this look? @speedsxs @speedutv in my opinion if I … | RG Instagram”

  1. Not a big fan of the smile, but it is certainly not a deal breaker. A lot of times things look a lot better in real life compared to the mock-ups too. Looking forward to seeing the real thing in November!

  2. The smile might be OK. To be sure, I’d really have to see it on a finished prototype. I understand why some might not like it.
    How’s this?……While there’s still time, I’d include the rheostat/dimmer to the light switch / airvent right where the dash dimmer is in the Ram trucks that assembly is taken from. Run the smile power through that dimmer switch. That way, if somebody doesn’t want to run with it on, they could dim it all the way off.

  3. Chase Schaffner

    I love the looks . Love everything about it. I think it would be cool if the there was way to change the light color on the touch screen . Kind of like the Ford Focus interior accent lighting has.
    Can’t wait to get my el Jefe master#1104 unit#720!

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