5 thoughts on “SPEED UTV LIVE – JUNE 24”

  1. Chase Schaffner

    Love how it’s coming along.
    I got a question.
    1. If you put on 35” tires will there be a place to enter that information into the dash or computer of the car so it can compensate for the speedometer and such?

    Love the work you guys are doing . Can’t wait to blast through SoCal and Baja in my El Jefe
    M# 1104 U#720!

  2. I understand that the drivetrain layout is engine in the rear and transaxle in the front.
    With that, is two wheel drive front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

  3. Two questions:
    Will there be mounting provisions/recommendations for a winch front or rear?
    Will you have wider wheels for sand tires?

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