I’m Live Tonight Night @7pm EST on @robbygordon instagram and on SpeedUTV Facebook live. We will Reveal the latest updates and developments of the Dashes, Engine, Transaxles on the Speed UTV, Plus Answer consumer questions from last weeks call. With regards to @Speedutv please send your questions to. [email protected] and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Or ask your questions below and we will get to as many as possible tonight THANK YOU



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    1. The front grill, will have the ability to add additional cooling options. This will be used in our close cab option, or people that want to run extra cooling for racing.

  1. Can the people who pre-ordered the car still be able to buy the 300HP key at a later date for the 1.00$ amount after warranty is up ? What does the warranty cover ? Maybe cover some stuff on purchasing the car since there is technically no car yet , how would you go about talking to your lender/lenders about buying ?

  2. “Concerned” about belt life. Are you doing, or did you do any testing with paddle tires? My main use will be in sand, at Glamis or Dumont so having to change a blown belt in the bottom of a bowl is a huge concern.

    (Placed our deposit last week!)

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