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  1. Does the UTV come with a jack?
    How about rear view mirror?
    Is it prewired/plug and play for radio & intercom?
    Is the 4seater prewired/plug and play for 2- race-air units?

    1. We have allocated space for a front mount winch. Base Model UTT with Full Cab and HAVAC we believe will have an MSRP of $37,000. This will be confirmed next spring during the product launch. Vehicle scheduled to ship summer of 2021

  2. Hi Robby,
    Hope all is well, I recently preordered the UTT (El Diablo) as a work horse, love everything about it, but Arizona weather can be brutal. Hoping when you say the deposit is transferable, meaning I can transfer my deposit to the close cab with A/C. A few questions, if I pre order the vehicle with 35” tires will it need any gear changes? Will I be able to drive it as a street legal vehicle, Plan to use it as a air conditioning delivery truck around the Phoenix metropolitan city, will it be able to tow a 350lbs a/c unit & it’s own personal carrying trailer with a 130lb driver? Last question, will the 35” spare tire fit inside the bed? Would like to see a tow hitch and pre wired for trailer.

  3. Any information on how noisy the triple fans on the radiators are?
    I think it’s a excellent spot for them just concerned about cockpit noise.

  4. Hi Robby,
    Master number 898 can wait to see the first ones. Are the inside of the doors finished to match the interior? Door handle like XX? Is the chassis welded with robots? Love the videos. Keep up the great work.

  5. Hi Speed team!
    Any concerns with using the external alternator with separate belt drive system and the occasional water crossings? I am not a mudder by any means but do find myself in some reasonably deep water when running the washes in the springtime.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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