The 3 RG Diablo Color Choices … | Insta

The 3 RG Diablo Color Choices ...


The 3 RG Diablo Color Choices ????



26 thoughts on “The 3 RG Diablo Color Choices … | Insta

  1. @robbygordon they look awesome ????

  2. That blue and orange ????

  3. Can you separate and post El Jeffe #378( super cool if you could get # on). In carbon white for my wife and I?

  4. That RG edition is just bad bad bad !!!????????????

  5. Strong work can’t wait to get out and run Baja

  6. Love the blue???? would be even better if I was driving it????

  7. In SCORE events utv class or there own class ?

  8. All are good!! ????????

  9. @rolliperformancefab what color compa should I get ????????

  10. Might have to upgrade. Now that I see the graphics. Will the ElJefe be the same on the RG

  11. Tod will it have all the race sponsor logos on top of these graphics like your team race cars you compared the RG addition to be like the factory race bikes of Yamaha Kawasaki Honda KTM because what’s the point of having the RG race color s without the sponsorship on them to look like your race cars

  12. Thanks for adding another combo!! I was not a fan of the first two..

  13. @jlaffin77 GBR 2021?

  14. White and orange for the win

  15. What happened to Episodes 14 and 15?

  16. @speedutv @robbygordon this is looking awesome guys I cannot wait to go racing in the Diablo. One question does the chassis and cage meet both FIA and SRO regulation so that I don’t have to mate a ton of modifications???

  17. ????????????????????????????

  18. Getting harder not to put the money down

  19. Ugh….Decisions Decisions!?!?!?

  20. Black / Orange For Me!

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