9 Pm EST / 6 Pm PST Tonight We will show you new ElJefe and Diablo Configuration… | Insta

9 Pm EST / 6 Pm PST Tonight We will show you new ElJefe and Diablo Configuration...


9 Pm EST / 6 Pm PST Tonight We will show you new ElJefe and Diablo Configuration Model for Graphics and Model Designs, Please remember these are to play with and we will start with the Master Order #’s starting at 0 – 400 Starting July 15th

We have Financing Options for customers looking to Finance Their SpeedUTV

And I will also discuss the launch of the 2021 Can Am, good times coming tonight ????????‍♂️

So Please send your questions with regards to the new Speed UTV [email protected] or ask in the the comments below I will check the comments again 2 hours before going LIVE TONIGHT)



17 thoughts on “9 Pm EST / 6 Pm PST Tonight We will show you new ElJefe and Diablo Configuration… | Insta

  1. @speedutv Any pricing and details on the “dune” option with paddles and smoothies vs standard dirt tires? Also when will price info on additional options like passenger screen, intercom, upgrade to suede seat covers and steering wheel etc. be available? Getting excited, Thanks! Sean, #91

  2. I would like to see detailed images of the RG graphics if possible, the colors looked off on the previous image shown & you couldn’t really see the “carbon fiber look” details

  3. Would be cool to see a chassis assembled as things go

  4. Once finalized on configuration and options, will we get a firm delivery date?

  5. Do you have a running engine in one of the older cars yet to test???

  6. @speedutv Wondering if I order the hellkey but don’t use it will it still be under warranty until I do? You have probably already answered this question but I’m late to the game. Just found out about this. Also will there be shops in salt lake area for service needs?

  7. I think it’s awesome to see this progress and see where the future of the UTV world is going. Thank you @speedutv and Robby Gordon for revolutionizing the industry and trying to create a quality machine. I’m excited to see where these machines are 3-6 years down the road and watch the market improve 🙂

  8. I’m on the fence with the rg upgrade I don’t think the fabric seats will do good in Utah weather/ riding conditions. Is it a possibility to take the vinyl seats instead? Also it would be nice to get a better look at the rg graphics hoping that will convince the wife #575

  9. Will there be a billet wheel option and also wider rear wheels for paddles? Would love to buy a matching set of RG wheels for my car for the paddles.

  10. I need the pink one. Actually I need lots more pink

  11. Will the two piece RG wheels be available for purchase? Also can it be made in a 10 inch? A 15 pound bead lock for paddles would be great!

    1. I’ve been wondering the same thing I hope they offer a wider wheel so we can mount paddle tires and still have a width of 77 in

  12. When suspension is at full compression, what is the ground clearance to skid plates?

  13. I used the configurator the other day and now i can’t find It. Is it down?

  14. When driving in the mud the windshield will get obstructed with mud. Can the windshield option be pushed forward, in the event it is covered with mud? Thank you!

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