There are lots going on behind the scenes at SPEED UTV but here are some initial concept renders of the front grille and headlights.

Leave your opinion below. Tap image for a closer view.

9 thoughts on “SPEED UTV First Looks”

  1. #2 would be my choice. It appears it as if the lights are bigger, therefore better visibility at night. Also the grill, kind of resembles an Escalade grill which looks great. The grill looks like it allows more airflow for cooling off components.

  2. Is there anything else that still needs to be designed before 250 of these are supposed to be built and delivered in 10 month’s?
    I asked around the shop and the Consensus was #5.

  3. Number 5 fo sho!!! Sick ride, I just learned about these today. I was researching which rzr to buy, the xp4 turbo S or the xp4 pro. I really want to know more about these speeds? What power train are they using? Is a new designed in house motor and trans? How hard are replacement parts going to be to get?

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