Speed Unicorn Wheels for the new Speed UTV… | Insta

Speed Unicorn Wheels for the new Speed UTV...


Speed Unicorn Wheels for the new Speed UTV



17 thoughts on “Speed Unicorn Wheels for the new Speed UTV… | Insta

  1. I want them for my rzr ????

  2. Chingo ???????????????? #77

  3. Now I’m gonna need a set of RG wheels for my prerunner again ????????

  4. Will satin black be the wheel color, or will we see some color options on the configurator? Black, Gray, Orange or machine finish?

  5. That’s the ones I want for my Diablo.. preferably in machined finish..

  6. Any chance any chance we can get them for our LE cars, with a machined finish?

  7. I think a gloss black and the machines finish would be a great options! I like both wheel options but not into the satin black finish anymore.

  8. Another cool feature of this type of wheel face/beadlock is you can easily unbolt and take the wheel face to a powder coat shop and get the wheel faces painted any colors you want. The tire will still stay beaded to the back side and main part of the wheel. No need to go to a tire shop to break down the tires to change your wheel colors.

  9. ???? those are my favorite! Can’t wait!

  10. @dezerthooliganz05 these the ones I was telling you about

  11. Going to be impossible to decide on wheels. Also I wonder if we will be able to run c16 or 110 on stock tune

  12. Machined Finish fo shizzy!

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