Hi. Welcome to the SPEED UTV customer portal.

  • Word Change. The configurator is now called the visualizer.
    You may have noticed we’re changing the term configurator to visualizer. Not a big deal right? Well if you’re an accounting system it is. The visualizer does not parse over the correct product information (accessories not included with the edition you are purchasing) to our invoices (for now). The big takeaway for you is that … Read more
  • Website Update
    Wow. You guys are amazing. This website is getting crushed. Luckily we have a new hand on board. Shaun is here to help us build out our platform. Aside from the network outage from Cloudflare which we implemented to quickly to try to handle the incoming traffic without understanding the effects on our SSL. We … Read more

You are here because you made the great decision to reserve a Speed UTV.

This page will serve assistance in moving forward with the checkout process.

  1. Open up owners section to reservation holders  (you are here now)
  2. Owners will be invited to configure their UTV
    1. Pre-July 15th orders will receive a store credit reflective of your deposit to apply to your balance after you configure and add your car to the cart.
    2. Once you have store credit in hand it will be your time to configure. (This will come via e-mail)
  3. Once configured, you can save your configuration we will work to finalize payment and delivery.

Customization will open up slowly as we try to build out the processes. Early reservation holders starting in September 2019 will be the first beta test group. 

Visit Freedom Financial to learn more about our preferred finance partner.


A SPEED UTV reservation is access to the industry-leading SPEED UTV that is slated for delivery beginning Q4 2020 based on your master number (consider that your reservation)

We’ll begin processing orders (having the product configurator up and running with available options) starting July 15th. The first car to be processed will be the 4 Seat El Jefe.

Reservation holders will be notified to customize their side by side which will then generate a build sheet. Your master order number will be manually assigned to your order.

Your reservation will also provide you access to our owner’s group where we will have exclusive content for you to see some more behind the scenes process. As we grow, the owner’s group will feature videos, stories, adventures, and more.

This membership is included in with your initial reservation and is contingent upon you taking ownership of your car.

Through the owner’s group, we will disseminate the correct documents, finance options, etc including scheduling deliveries and an invitation to our exclusive delivery parties.

Test Configurators. These are just a test.

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