Speed UTV Seat Heater/ each


Introducing the Speed UTV OEM factory standard universal seat heater! This seat heater is designed to provide superior performance, safety, and reliability. Utilizing PTC technology, this seat heater delivers faster-to-ideal temperature and self-regulating temperature for maximum comfort. The water-resistant connectors and switch ensure that this seat heater can withstand any weather conditions. This package includes one 12”x9.3” heating pad, one 17.3” pad extension cable, one panel round on/off switch, and all the necessary hardware for installation. Please note that this package is for one seat, so order the correct heaters for your vehicle. Pricing does not include one hour of installation time. Upgrade your UTV experience and stay warm on those cold rides with the Speed UTV OEM factory standard universal seat heater.

  • PTC technology delivers significant performance, safety & reliability benefits

  • Self-Regulating Temperature

  • Faster-To-Ideal Temperature

  • Water-resistant connectors and switch

Includes:  This is for Quantity 1 Seat.  Please order the correct quantity of heaters for your vehicles.  Quantity 1 must be ordered per seat.  Pricing does not include 1 hour of instal time.

1 – 12”x9.3” Heating Pad

1 – 17.3” Pad Extension Cable

1 – Panel Round On/Off switch and all required hardware

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