Speed Trail Kit


The Speed Trail Kit is the ultimate solution for off-road enthusiasts who want to be prepared for any incident on the trail. Whether a flat tire, a broken axle, or a snapped tie rod, this kit has everything you need to get back on the road quickly and safely. With the Speed Wheel and Tire, you can easily change a flat without the hassle of a traditional jack. The Speed C02 Jack is perfect for inflating tires on the go, and the Speed Tow Strap can help you out of tight spots when your vehicle gets stuck. The Speed Tie Rod and Speed Rear Axle are designed to fit both the left and right sides of your UTV, giving you added peace of mind. And with the Speed Tire Carrier, you can easily store a spare tire and have it readily available when needed. Don’t let incidents on the trail ruin your ride, weekend, or vacation – go prepared with the Speed Trail Kit.


The Speed Trail Kit includes:

  1. Speed Wheel and Tire (All Speed wheel options available)
  2. Speed C02 Jack
  3. Speed Tow Strap
  4. Speed Tie Rod (Quantity 1). It will fit left or right side
  5. Speed Rear Axle (Quantity 1) it will fit left or right side
  6. Speed Tire Carrier
Wheel Style

14 Spoke Black, 14 Spoke Machined, OG RG Black, OG RG Machined

Jack Type

C02, Electric Jack, Manual Jack

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