Speed UTV Bed Storage Boxes


Speed UTV Cargo Box Storage:  Storage box fits in factory bed with factory spare tire.   Spare Tire and Cargo boxes have multiple configurations.


Product Description

Keep your center of gravity low, your clothing dry, and your beverages cold with Speed’s storage boxes.  Don’t compromise the performance of your vehicle by mounting your spare on the roof.  The Speed Storage box allows you to mount both dry and cold products in the bed of your vehicle.  Put on a Jacket, Grab Lunch, and if needed change a flat, all from the Speed Cargo Box’s that mounts to your factory bed box. Sold indvidually.

Off-Road Hall of Fame inductee Robby Gordon shares the art of going fast in the dirt in a SPEED UTV design presentation series.

The SPEED UTV is designed by off-road racing veteran Robby Gordon to provide high performance and durability on any terrain. The full tube frame is triangulated and reinforced with upper and lower “spines”, making it structurally sound and resistant to damage.

Suspension and steering components are made with double-shear bolts and forged aluminum spindles, while the front bulkhead and diff are constructed from aluminum for added strength. The suspension geometry has been designed to minimize bump steer, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

The SPEED UTV also features billet aluminum hubs and a self-leveling rear suspension for improved handling. With these features, the SPEED UTV is well-equipped to handle the demands of off-road racing and provide a thrilling driving experience.

Speed UTV will deliver the best sport utility terrain vehicle.

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