Moving Forward with the Body Designs @speedutv please remember that this is what our car will look like on the Dealer floor vs the Industry there is no need for Suspension upgrades or aftermarket roll cages. speed UTV comes with all the goodies “I’m so looking forward to launching the Speed UTV @speedutv in November. This time we don’t have a Corporate CEO or Corporate Engineers that don’t understand the industry and the true voice of the customers. Or a CFO that says we cannot do a project like this as 4 seaters don’t sell, This is what we do we Ride and Engineer to be the best and have lots of fun with a COF (Cheif of Fun) in charge of this project….. I remember certain company called Polaris telling me that a 4 seater will not sell about the time MAX was born ????” #speedutv #robbygordon #speedsxs



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