9 Pm EST / 6 Pm PST I will discuss Racing a Speed UTV and what it takes to make it Race Legal for @utvworldchampionships @BITD @ Score-international. There will also be recent progress with our UTV Graphic Designs and how YOU will choose your custom scheme if you ordered a @Speedutv LE / RG Vehicle. Please send your questions about the new Speed UTVs to [email protected] or ask in the the comments below ( I will check the comments again 2 hours before going LIVE TONIGHT)



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  1. Woodie Puntney

    Hello Robby,
    Love everything I see so far and very interested. We live in Southern Indiana and I am curious about dealers or potential distributors in this area? Will there be any in the Mid-West or primarily out West initially?

    There are a couple of high volume dealers within a couple of hours from here that currently carry multiple brands of UTV’s that might be a good home for SpeedUTV’s. Check out Abernathy’s in Union City TN and Powersports America in Paducah KY, they are the number 1 & 2 Polaris Volume dealers in the US as well as carry many other brands. People tend to drive from all over to buy from them.

    My wife and I currently have two 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S models and love them but the features on the Baja Bandit seem like they should really be a step up. With an engineering background, I really appreciate the details you are sharing and look forward to learning more each week.


    Woodie Puntney

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