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The one thing I particularly enjoy about the way Speed UTV is handling the build out of the very first Speed SXS are the weekly live streams. Sure, the final car isn’t done, the fancy commercial with rocks flying hasn’t been filmed, the photos of Robby Gordon ripping around the brand new Speed UTV side by side aren’t all touched up and released, instead they’re going back to the basics.

An hour long live stream, a presentation and a phone number to call in and ask Robby Gordon questions directly.

This isn’t the typical protocol for any company that mass produces anything. Usually you’d see rumors of a new year model release floating around the interwebs, but instead here you get to see the bread being made.

It’s not for everyone.

There are doubters, there are believers and there are those who are casually optimistic about getting to watch something with great potential being developed week by week, tube by tube, part by part.

Speed UTV Internal Bypass Shocks

The first Speed UTV functional shock prototypes are hre and they are ready for testing. This isn’t the first rodeo for Robby Gordon, since the 1990’s he’s been making internal bypass shocks.

Speed UTV shocks are 3.25” internal bypass, with a 12” stroke, they’re built in house, you have externally adjustable compression and rebound as well as 360 degree clockable piggyback reservoir. The shock is all aluminum except for the steel shaft.

speed UTV shock speed logo engraved

These shocks are inspired by the shocks Robby has built and uses in his Stadium Super Truck series. The biggest difference between the stadium super truck shocks and the shocks on the Speed UTV is that this is the first time that they made compression and rebound adjustable on the reservoir, to adjust ride comfort you will not have to get into valving.

speed UTV internal bypass shock

A common question seen at Speed UTV is why not design something like Ride Command?

Robby Gordon answered that it won’t give you the flow that you need. More specifically it won’t give you the passage way to displace the shock fluid quick enough.

Revised Oil Dry Sump

Inspired by Stadium Super Truck, the oil dry sump has been revised for the Speed UTV. The internals send the oil to the bottom through baffling tubes, and knock the foam out of the oil. The capacity of the oil sump is enormous in UTV standards, the dry sump alone will hold 1.5-1.6 gallons of oil, keeping the oil cool for the motor and turbo.

speed UTV oil dry sump

The oil dry sump will be a forged part and made out of steel, making it that much more durable and ready to take on the elements.

Speed UTV Accessory Packages

Speed UTV announced the first few accessory packages they’ll be offering, prices are yet to be announced, but here’s what we know so far.

Speed UTV Trail Kit

In the Speed UTV Trail Kit Package, you’ll get a tie rod, axle, tow rope, tire and wheel along with a jack.


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