Willwood Big Brake Kit


Looking for the ultimate brake upgrade for your Speed UTV? Look no further than the Wilwood big brake kit.

Designed specifically for the Speed UTV, these brakes employ fixed-mount calipers and larger dynamically-mounted steel rotors to reduce piston knockback and increase thermal capacity. This means you can drive harder and brake later, without worrying about fade or loss of performance.

The forged aluminum calipers are purpose-designed to provide increased clamping force with reduced deflection. That means you get the ultimate in-stopping power, every time you hit the brakes.

And, with real-world testing and fitment incorporated into every brake kit, you can be sure that you’re getting a product that’s built to perform.

But that’s not all. The Wilwood big brake kit comes complete with everything you need to upgrade your Speed UTV’s braking system. New wheel studs, custom speed spacers, a speed caliper mount, larger rotors, high-performance racing pads, and 6-piston speed orange calipers (image not true to color) all work together to create a race-inspired performance package that will blow you away.

So don’t settle for anything less than the best. Upgrade your Speed UTV’s braking system with the Wilwood big brake kit today and experience the ultimate in-stopping power and performance.

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Product Description

Wilwood big brake kits for Speed UTV employ fixed-mount calipers and larger dynamically-mounted steel rotors to reduce piston knockback and increase thermal capacity. Forged aluminum calipers have been purpose-designed specifically for the Speed UTV to provide increased clamping force with reduced deflection.  Designed and built in the USA, Wilwood incorporates real-world testing and fitment into every brake kit.  New Wheel Studs, Custom Speed Spacers, Speed Caliper Mount,  Larger Rotors, High-Performance Racing Pads, and 6 Piston Speed Orange Calipers round out the race-inspired performance package.

These calipers, pads, and rotors are run on all Speed UTV Race Cars and play cars owned and driven by Robby Gordon, Max Gordon, and Todd Romano.  The big brake kit is something to consider when changing to 35-inch tires, racing or just improving your all-out stopping power.

Wilwood’s matched front and rear UTV brake kits feature dynamically-mounted rotors and upgraded calipers for popular side-by-side machines. Kits combine fixed-mount multi-piston calipers for greater clamping force, with larger diameter floating rotors for more brake torque, improving braking on the Speed UTV.    Forged aluminum differential-bore 6-piston calipers reduce deflection and provide more uniform engagement to increase braking force and improve feel. Durable steel rotors are up to 20% greater in diameter and thicker for less distortion. Dynamically mounted rotors reduce thermal stress and prevent piston knock back from rough terrain.

Kits is specific to Speed UTV and come complete with everything you need to upgrade your stock brake system.   Front and Rear calipers, Rotors, Adapters, Spacers, Brake Pads, and Studs.


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Product Installation

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Off-Road Hall of Fame inductee Robby Gordon shares the art of going fast in the dirt in a SPEED UTV design presentation series.

The SPEED UTV is designed by off-road racing veteran Robby Gordon to provide high performance and durability on any terrain. The full tube frame is triangulated and reinforced with upper and lower “spines”, making it structurally sound and resistant to damage.

Suspension and steering components are made with double-shear bolts and forged aluminum spindles, while the front bulkhead and diff are constructed from aluminum for added strength. The suspension geometry has been designed to minimize bump steer, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

The SPEED UTV also features billet aluminum hubs and a self-leveling rear suspension for improved handling. With these features, the SPEED UTV is well-equipped to handle the demands of off-road racing and provide a thrilling driving experience.

Speed UTV will deliver the best sport utility terrain vehicle.

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