Speed Sneakers


These shoes are perfect for casual wear as well as working out. The fabric is breathable and lightweight which makes them suitable for exercise.

The appeal of lightweight shoes is created for being able to run faster as a result of the cushioning, lightweight material. The shoes allow for air to flow through easily. They are lightweight and appropriate for walking, hiking, running, and working.

Additionally, these trainers are made with high durability. The structure of the shoe is made with a flat sole and good build.

The advanced technology offers a less stiff and more robust midsole. Additionally, this shoe is made for both genders and is also available to children. The family could even get matching family trainers to suit many occasions.

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Shoe Size

Mens 6 Womens 8, Mens 7 Womens 9, Mens 8 Womens 10, Mens 9 Womens 11, Mens 10 Womens 12, Mens 11, Mens 12, Mens 13

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