Race Car Program and Accessories

  • Factory race cars will be built and made available to consumers – orders begin mid-July
  • Following accessories will come on race-ready cars and are available for individual purchase
    • Parker pumper
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Toolbag
    • Impact
    • Medical kit
    • Safety equipment
    • GPS and mount (12” on speed cars)
    • Carbon/aluminum fuel cell
    • Carbon body and bed
    • Door bar kits with welded clamps
    • Aluminum roof
    • Aluminum firewall
    • Window nets
    • Front bumper
    • Front lower light bar
    • Front upper light bar
    • Rear chase bar
    • Spare tire/wheel
    • Jack
  • Fully customizable colors on suspension, springs, and cage
  • Race graphics with sponsor logos
  • Chassis certified with SCORE and BITD for the first year
  • Full race-ready builds only available for EL DIABLO models
  • 1260cc big bore kit available Spring 2021, not a race legal accessory
    • Capable of 300hp on 91 pump gas
    • As of 5/27 new cylinders with steel sleeves
    • Likely new pistons, rings and gasket set (not confirmed)
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