Baja Bandit LE Ensenada – VC


Build your own

We don’t just evangelize being a smart rider that knows their terrain, at SPEED UTV we take an engineering approach to your safety. From a collapsible steering column to every UTV we sell includes 5 point safety harnesses along with the beefiest chassis in the industry, SPEED UTV has your safety in mind.

  • Chassis
    • Reinforced “spine” with “V-bars” connecting to suspension mounting points
    • FIA A-pillar supports frame in front end impacts and rollovers
    • Mig welded – structurally safer for rollover crash testing – proven in NASCAR and other forms of racing
  • Suspension
    • Speed UTV true tracking suspension system makes our UTV’s handling noticebly more predictable and less sqirly. Our 4130 Chromoly shocks with internal bypss soack up virtually everything.
    • Double Shear suspension components reduce chance of failure.
    • When you think you’re in trouble you’re not.
  • Interior
    • 5 Point harnesses included
    • Custom size containement seats (carbon or plastic depending on you’re trim)
    • Collapsable steering column.

Ride smart and know your terrain.Always wear a helmet.

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