When’s the delivery dates for the cars?

We plan to start shipping in November/December 2020.

What’s the height of the car from the ground up?

Tire Pressure and shock preload are going to play a role. Once we understand these final settings, we’ll be able to provide an accurate answer. Speed answer: 72’’ with 20psi of tire pressure.

Is Speed manufacturing their own engine and gearbox?

Speed answer: Yes, with very experienced engineering consultants.

Will there be Dash Suspension Adjust on the 4-seater? Will it use the IQS system?

No IQS. It uses Speed Internal Bypass Shocks. Manual adjust. No adjustments from the dash.

Can I have black if I buy the RG? And are all of the cars powder-coated or paint?

As of now, you can’t change the colors on the RG. RG is powder-coated. The LE is a powder-coated cage.

Where is the main manufacturing plant? Are these American-made cars?

Speed answer: Speed UTV Design Headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have engineering partners from USA, Australia, Europe, Germany, Asia and Canada. Parts are sourced globally, final assembly is in Texas USA.

Who can buy the cars?

Speed answer: We sell our UTVs worldwide. Anyone outside of the United States can call our North Carolina Headquarters to place your order.

Will there be a 64” version of the cars?

Currently, there are no plans to offer a factory 64’’ car in the 2021 model year. (If there is enough demand for a 64’’ kit, Speed SxS will consider building an aftermarket narrow suspension kit).

The WildCat XX that we designed is the best 64” currently on the market. We want to support the success of that vehicle, Textron, Arctic Cat and Tracker dealers. Speed SxS is dedicated to continuing offering support and upgrades for the wildcat XX platform.

Does the LE have beadlock wheels?

Yes, the LE and RG have beadlock standard.

When will we be able to see production versions of the cars?

We plan a formal release at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California later this year. Prior to that, we will be releasing video content of our summertime testing AKA prototype/pre-production and durability.

Are the lower front arms chromoly?

Yes, the Control arms and trailing arms are 4130.

What’s the price of upgrading from an LE to an RG?

The cost of upgrading a 2-seat is $2500. The cost of upgrading the 4-seat is $5000.

When can I pre-order the 4-seat enclosed speed?

Pre-orders can be done now, over the phone. Model release will be Summer 2021.

Can you run E85 on the non-speed key tune?

Yes but boost levels wont increase until the tune is unlocked. The computer will adjust automatically. You can run a blend even and it will recognize the Ethanol content level.

Will glass windshields be available?

Yes. At Speed SXS More information on this will be available once we complete the full accessory list come August.

Are turning brakes available?

No. We recommend driving these cars in 4wd at all times, so just locking up one set of wheels would not work. (Rear Diff is a spool)

Can a pre-order buyer, purchase the Speed key for $1, not use it, and retain the 6-month warranty?

If you have pre-ordered a car, you have the option to buy the Speed Key. It can be purchased for 1 dollar at any time by the original pre-order buyer.

Where can I find even more info?

Our friends over at UTV Underground have been doing a great job of digesting our weekly educational videos. Go check them out here.

If that’s not enough, the note takers on the internet have put together this useful google docs you can check out.